Taxwise’s major specialism is tax planning.  As the UK’s tax regime is the most complex in the world, there are considerable opportunities for efficient tax planning, particularly for businesses and high net-worth individuals.

We can almost always devise efficiencies that create often very substantial tax savings.  Have you ever calculated how much a year you and your business pay in Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, National Insurance and on individuals’ personal income tax?  Chances are, it's a tidy sum!  We look at a client’s overall tax position and advise where tax savings can be achieved.

These might include forming limited companies, using reliefs available such as Gift Aid and Enterprise Investment Schemes, pension contributions and employee benefit schemes.

Inheritance Tax planning is often an area that is widely ignored. However, we can advise on all inheritance tax and trust matters.

There are very few people who do not want to reduce their overall tax burden. Equally we find that there are significant opportunities available.
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Regular tax planning reviews are vital and can save even the smallest of businesses substantial amounts of tax


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Our comprehensive  tax guide contains many useful tax planning points.  We hope you find it useful.
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