Small business accounting has become revolutionised with the recent surge of real-time, cloud based online accounting software.  Leading the way in this field is Xero, and we are proud to have become fully certified Xero advisors.

With our online accounting packages, all your bookkeeping and accounting records are stored securely online (in the cloud), accessible anytime, from anywhere.   It is no longer only big companies who can have up to date accounting information available at anytime - this is available to all our clients.
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Xero Cloud Accounting
Apart from being more cost effective and giving you access to your numbers in real time, we as your accountants can advise you throughout your financial year, based on up to date figures, not months after the end of the year has passed.

What makes us different to the many new online accounting firms that are appearing is that we are an established, local firm of accountants, based in Sale, Manchester - we offer the best of both worlds!
Xero makes bookkeeping easy

Xero automatically connects to your bank and pulls copies of your bank statements. From there it’s really simple to tell Xero what that transaction relates to. Once you’ve told Xero once it remembers and looks out for similar transactions. This saves a huge amount of time and makes keeping your accounts up to date a breeze.
Xero makes collaboration easy

You can log in to Xero from any web browser, as your accountant we can log in too and see the same information. If you have a question we can see exactly what you are referring to and provide precise advice. The time when you had to wait six months after your year end to see your accounts and receive tax advice is over.
Xero speaks normal language

Xero does away with accounting terminology. Your accounts are presented in plain english with powerful charts so you know exactly how much money you are making and the timing of your cash flows.
Xero is mobile

You can access Xero from your smart phone.
Snap a photo of receipts and upload them to Xero.  You can even send invoices to customers whle you are on the road. 

Xero Certified Accountants in Sale, Manchester

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We use Xero to manage our own internal accounts - see our Xero Tips page to see how exactly we use Xero and the tips we have picked up since we started using it.
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